Time Savers

Any time you invest in creating time savers is worth it. Time is such a precious commodity to so many, that managing it well is a gift on many levels. Another advantage in creating time savers, in the age of a pandemic, is that if you create a system that either prepares required items, forms, containers, etc. while wearing gloves for example, then obviously you are going to save time and handling later.

Time SaversTime is money. This should be an incentive for employers to either be extremely organized with a spot for everything or hire people who will get it together and maintain systems. This can be especially advantageous when it comes to keeping surfaces germ-free. Containers can be the key here. Tongs to remove items from those containers can be a great idea, in an atmosphere where washing hands is not convenient. Also, easily wipable, non-pourous surfaces might be the route for storing items during a pandemic. Baggies, old jars with screw-on tops, storage units of all shapes and sizes, shelving, vertical hanging systems, racks, cabinets on wheels, etc. all may seem like a big investment but will pay off in organizing, thus time-wise, and make you look more professional.

I can’t say enough about our old stand by, the giant desk calendar. The mere act of jotting down an important date, or blocking off time where you won’t be available to others, is a load off your shoulders, not to mention a reliable way not to mess up. I find recording aspects of a job or event will trigger other pertinent details, and so the process begins as I fill up my calendar. Having such an overview helps you manage time in that you can run errands for multiple projects.

There are so many amazing gadgets that prove to be time savers. My FaceBook page is full of organizing ideas, products, and hacks. Here is the thing with hacks – you not only will often save time, effort, handling of surfaces, which becomes more of a priority when sharing space with others, you also look more competent to employers and others whom you may be in a position to teach. Some will cost you and some are as simple as cutting up a plastic drinking container. Please be sure to check out the archives of Inventive Organizing’s Facebook Page¬†and find a lot of great ideas and innovations for saving time and making life easier.

Schedules, lists, online and hard copy calendars, online reminders, post-it notes, whatever it takes, stay organized, and time saver systems and saving time should fall into place. Good time management is more likely to enhance mental health since you won’t be stress out as much with lateness and a feeling of being overwhemed by time, and you can devote more time to leisure activities.