Inventive Organizing provides a variety of services Рboth virtual and in person Рfor your marketing and administrative needs.  Take advantage of regular or occasional help to cover your content marketing and media updates to attract traffic to your website, social media, event or place of business. Have graphic design, audio/video editing skills directed to improve your image and distribute information. Database management and growth, a vital aspect of marketing and administration, is maintained and grown along with your business. See what customized service a Virtual Assistant can provide for you by calling 647-354-5876 or emailing

Administration and Marketing tasks often go hand in hand, requiring one aspect to complete the other. Inventive Organizing combines backgrounds in administration and marketing, including concept, design, photography, video, planning, production and publishing. We provide practical, innovative solutions and well-rounded support to help small businesses with projects, events and marketing campaigns along with day to day tasks. Have the support of extra staff during busy seasons, to cover for absent staff, organize projects and systems while creating and implementing a wealth of marketing tools.

Have your message shared with ingenuity and carefully chosen wording and imagery using a wide variety of media using Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe CC, WordPress and other platforms for websites, newsletters, bookkeeping, etc.

Marketing Company in Toronto

Administration Services

Virutal Admin Help

  • receptionist duties / fielding calls / scheduling
  • coordinating services, supplies, travel, accommodation, venues and events
  • HR, bookkeeping and customer service
  • invoicing, payables/receivables
  • writing business correspondence
  • data, hard and soft copy file management
  • processing mail, shipping /receiving

Marketing & Communications

Social Media Management

Project Management

Services - Project Management

  • objectives, planning and strategies
  • concept, research and market analysis
  • SEO, online interaction and networking
  • marketing campaign, branding
  • organizing resources and budget creation
  • assembling a team and allocating responsibilities
  • scheduling / sequence / optimization
  • coordinating execution, production, quality

Virtual Assistant Help

Ontario Virtual Assistant

  • administration and multi-tasking, without you furnishing workspace for an employee
  • virtual receptionist – phones answered by the hour or by contract
  • client contact / cold calls / events / press releases
  • website, blog, social media, newsletters and SEO content/updates
  • branding, charts, graphs, PPP’s, videos

Seasonal Services

Help at Tax Time with Reciepts

  • event planning
  • database merges for envelopes, letters, invitations, emails
  • receipts and invoices photocopied and organized for tax preparation and accounting
  • HR / recruiting, employee hours tracked
  • coordination of supplies, services, travel and accommodation

Database Management

DataBase Management in Ontario

  • database entry
  • database mining and hygiene
  • implementation – applying data to populate merge fields for letters, envelopes, labels, invitations, newsletter contacts, etc.
  • organizing/renaming, reformatting data in a variety of media
  • growing contact base in a variety of ways