Virtual Assistant

Use a Virtual Assistant via Inventive Organizing and get help with a variety of admin and marketing tasks.” A Virtual Assistant saves companies time and the need to hire and provide workspace for full-time staff. If you don’t have enough work to keep someone busy every day, take advantage of ‘on-demand’ skills and just pay for what you need. Available skills include:

Administration Services

  • Services for Marketing and Organizing in Torontowriting, formatting and proofreading documents
  • creating graphs and charts for reports and PowerPoint presentations
  • answering phones – have phones forwarded when you are not available to answer them
  • email management
  • scheduling appointments with reminders placed in Outlook
  • booking events, travel, accommodation, services
  • purchasing supplies

Database Management

  • Business Cards sorted into spreadsheethave that stack of business cards you’ve been collecting turned into a current spreadsheet that will work for you
  • build your client base by having a virtual assistant make cold calls to obtain the appropriate contact
  • database hygiene – have your data up to date and correct with double checking

Social Media

  • update Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with the latest about your company, events, and relevant articles, quotes, pictures, and videos.
  • create a mini video to promote your business or cause and uploaded to your own YouTube site
  • online profiles – make sure that you are placed, or have current details on the many profile sites such as Yelp
  • coordinate affiliate marketing programs


  • Social Media Managementnewsletters created through programs such as MailChimp, CreateSend, and Constant Contact, which share pertinent and interesting content, accompanied by promotional blocks of copy and images

Websites and Blogs

  • website and or blog created from scratch or your existing site updated with content – including carefully written content, using key search words to attract your target audience.
  • SEO improved by renaming files, researching search words, placing content, etc.

Marketing Services

  • many of the above-mentioned tools put to work along with custom made or sourced graphic design, photographs, music clips, videos to tell your story and attract customers


  • build up your resources for written material, statistics, facts, history of your area of business, geographic elements, what competitors are doing, etc.

Photography and Audio / Video editing

  • Video Production through Virtual Assistantphotographs taken of your staff, business settings, real estate, products, production, etc. to be used in a variety of ways to share your message or services
  • video editing services that use both still and moving images, combined with key titling to produce a really effective tool to attract attention and share information about what you do.
  • audio recording and editing for podcasts, teleclasses, videos, reports and more

Event Support

  • venues scouted and booked
  • details arranged, including seating, meals and refreshments, audio and video equipment rented, insurance covered, speakers booked, materials printed, etc.
  • potential attendees notified of events, seminars, online meetings
  • payment systems set up, payments accepted, tickets issued, follow up contact made

Customer Service and Sales

  • Virtual Assistant Admin and Communications Torontofind leads
  • information about your business, products, and services dispensed verbally and via emails, faxes, and other media
  • cold call to create new contacts
  • follow up calls made to seal the deal

Basic Bookkeeping and Tax Prep

  • Budget and Project Managementinvoicing and collecting payables
  • management of petty cash and expenditures
  • receipts and invoices organized, photocopied and details transferred to an Excel spreadsheet (or software pkg of your choice) for tax time, figuring out budgets, overall costs, etc.

Human Resources

  • job descriptions written, posted online and sent to schools teaching relevant courses
  • resumes collected, assessed with the best candidate resume forwarded to appropriate hiring managers
  • the best job candidates contacted and interviews booked
  • employee hours tracked for payroll, vacation, and overtime
  • benefit and retirement packages coordinated