Organizing, Purging and Staging

Get help with organizing, purging and staging apartments, houses, and commercial properties for sale. Once they are clean, clutter-free, and ready for presentation, have photographs and videos taken to show off the best attributes of the space you want to market. You know the old saying, “A picture can say a thousand words”. A well-staged picture can attract the right buyers or renters and help garner a better price for the space you offer. If you are not marketing your property, just streamlining your space and making it more appealing can do wonders for your state of mind and make you more proud when you entertain guests. An orderly home brings harmony to your life on many levels and is most satisfying.

View of dining room living room
Living Room Staging

Art Deco Living Room
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Get help with some Organizing, Purging, and Staging major steps to be prepared for showings to the public for rentals and real estate sales.

Organizing, Purging and StagingServices include:

Simple steps to spruce up the look of a home or office:

– general sprucing up, inside and outside
– staging, coordinating rentals, and storage of belongings
– creative use of fabric to cover less attractive areas, furniture …
– making use of every shelf, corner, under the bed, and furniture areas
– de-cluttering, purging, packing, labeling, unpacking
– compacting items into decorative storage boxes
– organizing rooms, closets, cupboards, drawers, storage…

Marketing Tools to help rent and sell homes and commercial properties:

– photography and videos edited and uploaded to websites, linked to various media
– images and details updated on websites and social media
– one-sheets, rack cards, postcards, newsletters designed and produced
– copywriting for property description for ads, websites…

Organizing Files, Pictures, Books, Stock, Tools, Clothes:

– hard copy documents, photos, recipes, etc. scanned and converted to data files
– filing cabinets organized, alphabetized, and purged
– stock sorted, photographed, and indexed with descriptions
– book and music collections sorted
– computer files organized, renamed, and backed up onto flash drives, clouds…

If you want to see lots of tips for organizing, purging and staging your space, visit the Inventive Organizing Facebook page.