Database Management

Database Management is a huge aspect of marketing, administration and project management. Once a marketing campaign is created, you’ve got to share it with the best contacts possible. We work to get the leads, provide database hygiene to weed out contacts that don’t fit your target audience, and make sure the contact information is valid and up to date.

Inventive Organizing Services cover the following tasks:

Inventive Organizing Database Services– Data Entry

– Data Mining

– Organizing / Formatting

– Implementation

– Growing client base using verbal and written communication

Database CompilationGet the details of your contacts transferred into a spreadsheet that can easily be used for populating fields of letters, envelopes, labels, cards, info packages, etc. by Inventive Organizing Services. Keep track of communications updates for optimum efficiency.

Be able to populate fields to create labels, letters, emails, faxes, newsletter salutations, etc. by collecting all your loose ends into one big, well-organized database in alphabetical order.

Let effective Database Management make your business function more easily and effectively.